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This off-road e-bike combines Giant’s rear-suspension expertise with its e-power system to help you tackle more trails. Featuring 130mm of fully active SmartLink rear suspension, 140mm front suspension and a relaxed off-road trail geometry, you get smooth handling on rough descents and a boost of power on steep climbs. The SyncDrive central motor is incredibly compact, yet motor produces an astonishing 80Nm of torque which gives you an instant and even amount of power. Even from standstill, the motor gives you full support and the higher torque allows it to give more power at lower speed, supporting you up even the most demanding trails. This model is using the latest in Giant's cutting edge EnergyPak® battery technology, resulting in a 25% higher energy density, and therefore resulting in 25% more range than most batteries from competitors of the same size and weight.


  • Evolution line SyncDrive 80Nm central motor, powered by YAMAHA
  • 500Wh battery pack for longest range
  • Fox 34 Float FIT4 140mm travel fork
  • Shimano XT 11-speed Drivetrain
  • Contact Switch remote height adjust seatpost
  • Shimano XT disc brakes
  • Color: Black/Blue
  • 21,3 kg


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